Energy Saving Facts

Energy-Saving Facts

Replacing old, drafty windows may be one of the best investments you ever make in your Cleveland home. Before making a purchase decision, here are some of the many modern, energy-saving window options to consider.

Double-paned and triple-paned windows are now the standard.Double-paned and triple-paned windows – windows constructed of two or three layers of glass held apart by spacers – cut winter energy loss by as much as 25% in cold regions when compared to old single-pane windows. They save money and cut down on outside noise – what’s not to love?

Look for the ENERGY STAR® rating. The ENERGY STAR Program is managed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Windows which have received the rating have been lab-tested to meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency. A window’s ENERGY STAR rating may be for all 50 states, or for only one of the four climate zones within the U.S. Our region falls in the Northern climate zone, where an ENERGY-STAR rated window will significantly reduce heating costs in winter.

Opt for Low-E glass.
This wonderful advance in window technology reflects outside heat during the summer and keeps indoor heat contained during the winter. This is possible due to a thin metallic glaze on the surface of the glass. Low-E glass is also a highly effective barrier against UV rays which fade curtains, carpets, furniture and even woodwork. Low-E 2 glass has two layers of low-E coating, while low-E 3 glass has three layers.

Consider argon-filled panes. Manufacturers now fill the spaces between some window panes with argon gas. Argon boosts the insulative value of a window because it’s denser than air and slows the transfer of heat. Argon is also colorless, odorless, non-toxic, inexpensive and a great sound barrier, making it a smart feature in a quality window.

Pay more attention to the glass than the frame. Because most of a window’s surface area consists of glass, a high R-value on the frame results in only minimal savings on heating and cooling. Today, frames are made of vinyl, fiberglass, wood, composite, or some combination of these materials.

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