Restoration Services

Restoration Services

When your Akron roofing suffers damage caused by wind, water or hail, turn to MasterPro Roofing and Exteriors. We proudly offer emergency response services to help you recover following these types of major weather events. From securing your home to completing extensive insurance paperwork and repairing the damage, MasterPro will take you from start to finish with compassion and care.

  • Hail damage. Even a small hailstorm can cause severe structural damage to your roof. Large-diameter hailstones result in the most obvious destruction, but small hail with high density can also do significant damage. When this type of damage goes undetected by an expert, it will quickly shorten the lifespan of the roof. Additionally, insurance companies will not cover storm damage unless a claim is filed within one year of the event.
  • Wind damage. Wind damage is often obvious, with shingles missing or unsealed. Inconspicuous damage such as creased shingles, damaged flashings and failed seals will require an expert inspection to be detected.
  • Water damage. Water penetration occurs when wind and/or hail cause internal damage to roofing materials. Long-term effects include ruined drywall, electrical failure or fire, and potential mold mitigation. Water is a sure sign of severe and serious damage, but a call to MasterPro will quickly remedy any issues.

Restore Your Home to Its Original Condition with One Call

With 25 years of proven experience in times of stress, we’ll inspect your home for free and meet with your insurance adjuster to get the claim amount you deserve. MasterPro’s dedication and experience with all of the major insurance companies can get more work covered – and keep more money in your pocket – compared to other roofing companies in Cleveland, Ohio.

Call for Fast Repair of Roofing in Akron, OH

In times of trouble, you can be confident MasterPro Roofing will be at your side to provide caring, expert guidance and to navigate the entire insurance claim process. We’re the roofers Akron, Ohio, homeowners have counted on since 2008. Call us at(866) 977-3808 anytime.