Siding Options

Siding Options

Siding makes a dramatic impact on the appearance of your home, and can even boost its resale value. From “green” alternatives to tried-and-true favorites, Masterpro has you covered when it comes to siding Cleveland and Akron homes. Here are some of the best options to choose from.

Vinyl.  As the leading choice for siding Akron and Cleveland homes, vinyl claims a large share of the siding market. Manufacturers have developed many quality choices in virtually every color, pattern and style. In addition to being the most affordable option for siding in Cleveland and Akron, vinyl won’t rot, scratch and it never requires painting.

Wood. The traditional beauty of wood still attracts homeowners who want genuine historical appeal for their siding. However, with so many other low-maintenance choices that look nearly identical to wood, it’s not a frequent selection due to its extensive maintenance requirements. Wood siding must be sanded and painted every few years, and it’s vulnerable to rot, mildew and insects.

Fiber cement. This special blend of wood fiber, cement and sand is molded into an incredibly tough siding material that closely mimics the look of wood. Even better, fiber cement siding strongly resists fire, rot, insects and a variety of adverse weather conditions. It does requires painting, and because it’s very heavy, labor and installation costs for fiber cement siding often run double those of vinyl.

Brick and stone veneers. Brick and stone veneers look like their namesakes, but are a manufactured product that’s easier and less expensive to install. Because they are lighter in weight than true brick and stone, these products can be adhered to walls with special mortar, and can even be applied over existing siding.

Steel and aluminum. Steel siding is very strong, while aluminum is more prone to dents but less expensive to install. Metal sidings won’t crack like vinyl, and can be manufactured in profiles nearly identical to wood. Both must be painted but color tends to fade over time.

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