Storm Damage FAQs

Storm Damage FAQs

How do I know if I have storm damage to my Akron roofing?
Storm damage may be visible from the ground in the form of dents and missing shingles, or it may not. Your best bet is to call MasterPro and schedule a professional inspection to determine if there is actual damage.

How do I know if I have storm damage to my siding?
Vinyl siding and stucco can be seriously damaged in a storm by hailstones and flying debris, resulting in cracks, chipping and holes. These are serious problems that compromise the exterior of your home, and repairs should not be delayed.

My roof looks fine. Should I still have it replaced?
Storm damage can be subtle and leaks may not occur for months or years after the event. If Canton roofing materials appear to be in working condition but their useful product life and performance has been decreased, this is still storm damage. Insurance companies know that when these types of damage go undetected, they can result in much larger repairs later.

Do I need to get repairs done right away?
While delaying the replacement of materials with a shortened service life may not cause structural damage, most insurance companies have a limited period of one year from the storm event for the claim to be filed and repairs completed.

What will I have to pay for a new roof?
After filing an insurance claim, your out-of-pocket expense should only be your deductible. Your insurance company will pay MasterPro for the remaining cost of the roof.

Will filing a claim cause my insurance rate to go up?
Insurance companies typically wouldn’t raise your premium for a claim caused by a natural disaster. However, a rise in storm activity over an entire region could spark across-the-board rate increases.

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