Windows FAQs

Windows FAQs

Here you’ll find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about window replacement in Akron.

How do I know when I need to replace my windows?
If the windows in your home stick, have to be propped open or otherwise do not function properly, replacement can make life easier. Consider how your current windows contribute to the comfort of your home. Do you feel drafts coming from your windows on a windy day? Are certain areas of a room always chilly? By installing energy-efficient windows that save you money on your utility bills, the cost of replacement can be recovered in just a few years.

What type of windows does MasterPro install?
MasterPro offers a selection of top-quality replacement windows that can be customized with your preferred color, glass, grid and hardware options.

Do I have to install the same size windows?
No. MasterPro can help you create unique window configurations that aren’t necessarily the same size.

How much do replacement windows cost?
Cost is determined by material, size, energy-efficient features and more. While purchasing cheap TV advertisement windows may sound appealing, you always get the windows you pay for.

How long does window installation take?
MasterPro will remove your existing windows, seal and insulate around the new window, and install exterior and interior trim. Depending on the number of windows and the number of crew members assigned to your project, installation could take from one to two days.

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